Powerful population health programs and proactive risk management – made easy.

Eliminating HCIT Pain Points

MedTek21’s team spent decades transforming paper-based and digital workflows to enable successful mobile-first solutions in some of the most demanding healthcare and enterprise environments.  MedTek21 was built on these experiences, and further honed through iterative real-world feedback from clinical professionals.

The result is a new way of improving clinical efficiency, decision support, and outcomes.

Works with You

MedTek21 is a mobile-first platform, built from the ground up to enable the seamless onboarding of new population health and risk management programs.

• Intelligent integration
• Seamless connectivity
• Real-time data presentation
• Instant authorization

Flexible Dashboards and Workflows

  • Workflows designed for clinical professionals
  • Easily assess and analyze population status
  • Batch selection/processing
  • At-a-glance patient information
  • Serialized tracking
  • Signature capture
  • Flexible data acquisition procedures
  • Robust reporting capabilities

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