What is Track21?

Track21 is a mobile application that integrates with an asset tracking system that will give you complete tracking control for all of your fixed assets deployed to your customers or your employees including rental equipment, machinery, or tools – anything with a barcode or RFID tag. Our mobile application is easy to use, customizable, and fully integrated on our mobile platform.

What does it do?

Track21 will make your organization more efficient by providing a complete asset tracking system — mobile technology, automated software, barcode scanner and printer hardware, and barcoding or RFID technology — that will improve your efficiency, allowing your employees to spend their time and resources growing your enterprise.

How does Track21 Work?

Track21 asset tracking software enables you to perform online asset management and equipment tracking. You can use smartphones or barcode scanners to help you streamline the physical inventory and data entry processes. Track21 is the comprehensive cloud solution for asset checkout, barcode printing, equipment deployment, and reporting.  Combined with Locate21, your assets can be located 24/7, 365 days a year, wherever they are, whenever you need.